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      Cadaver dogs search for missing Jefferson City man

      Jefferson City Police said they are following significant investigative leads in the disappearance of Christopher Cray, 23.

      Captain Doug Shoemaker with the Jefferson City Police Department confirms Cray's disappearance is suspicious in nature.

      The department is utilizing other resourcces outside of the agency which have helped in confirming some of those leads.

      Jefferson City Police are currently working with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Missouri Task Force One out of Boone County.

      Gale Blomenkamp, Battalion Chief of Boone County Fire Protection District, said two cadaver dogs from Task Force One werein Jefferson City Tuesday looking at possible crime scene locations in relation to Cray's disappearance.

      Shoemaker said the cadaver dogs were successful Tuesday in narrowing the search for the body.

      Blomenkamp said the dogs will be back in Jefferson City Wednesday to resume their search.

      Cray was last last seen May 20.

      Police believe Christopher Cray might have been in route to the Belle, Mo. area driving a white Ford Crown Victoria with several other people.

      The car was found abandoned on May 26th in Jefferson City.