C-SPAN documents capital city's rich history

You might see a unique visitor parked around Jefferson City this week.

C-SPAN will be putting their touch on the history of the capital city.

They'll be reflecting on the city's architecture, while focusing on it's rich heritage.

Debbie Lamb is heading up the C-SPAN team, "First of all it is the capital city so we're going to do a piece on the state capitol, as well as the exhibits at the Missouri State Museum, we're going to interview Dr. Gary Cramer about Lincoln University, and how it came to be, and a little bit about the Civil War and we'll talk to Mark Schriver about the Missouri State Penitentiary", Lamb said.

C-SPAN travels light, three video journalists travel the country in a small van, they shoot and edit all of their own footage.

C-SPAN has teamed up with Mediacom and the Jefferson City Visitors Bureau to highlight the city's history in video segments that will air June 30th and July 1st.

Monday afternoon the C-SPAN team was welcomed to town at the G-2 Gallery on High Street.

A number of local leaders were on hand including State Representative Jay Barnes, "We're proud to be the state capital and we're proud to have Lincoln University and I think they're going to have a great time".

A great time that will hopefully translate into tourism dollars in the local economy.

If you miss the broadcast, each of the selected cities has it's own link on C-SPAN's website.

The individual programs will be archived there.

The series broadcast begins June 30th at 11a.m on C-SPAN Book TV.

At 4 p.m, the history portion will air on C-SPAN 3.