Bustamante trial scheduled in federal courthouse

Bustamante is accused of killing a nine-year-old neighbor in October 2009.

The murder trial of Alyssa Bustamante, accused of killing a nine-year-old neighbor has been moved to the federal courthouse.The trial, scheduled to begin Jan. 30, was moved for security concerns, according to an order released on Thursday. The order also cited concerns about rescheduling other cases in the Cole County Courthouse during the trial.Bustamante is accused of killing Elizabeth Olten, a nine-year-old neighbor. Bustamante, now 17, was 15 when she was charged with stabbing and strangling the younger girl. The girls lived in St. Martins, just west of Jefferson City. She's being tried as an adult for the crime.Bustamante has pleaded not guilty to the crime.Cole County Circuit Judge Pat Joyce said attorneys expected the trial to take two weeks, but cautioned it could take longer. The trial, originally scheduled to begin earlier this year, has already been pushed back several times.Cameras will not be allowed in the courtroom, but reporters will be allowed to sit in on the trial and report from outside the new federal courthouse.Click here to read the Cole County Circuit Judge's order.