Bustamante lawyers ask for more time

A trial that has seen several delays could be pushed back again if lawyers for Alyssa Bustamante get a favorable ruling on a recent request.In court documents filed Monday, Bustamante's defense attorneys said they were unable to meet the May 16th deadline for endorsing trial witnesses because the prosecution has not provided its witness list.Despite the passage of some 18 months since the filing ...the state has yet to provide defense counsel with its list of proposed witnesses, public defender Donald Catlett wrote in the court filing.The defense says the only witnesses they have been made aware of is Sgt. David Rice with the Missouri Highway Patrol, and that is because his name was listed on the original indictment.If the State truly only intends to call one witness -Sgt. Rice- at trial, defense counsel need some verification, by way of a formal response to Alyssa's previously filed discovery requests, the court document goes on to say.The defense team asked the judge for an extension dating 10 days from the time the prosecution provides its witness list.The document also states the crime lab report has not been analyzed by a DNA expert.In addition to a witness list, Bustamante's defense team also asked for information on who the prosecution will call as its DNA expert.The DNA expert will most likely be called to testify about the approximately 300 pages that detail the Highway Patrol's Crime Lab's findings about the murder scene.Bustamante is accused of killing 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten in October 2009. Her trial was set to begin in June, but was pushed back to September after conflicts with Moreland's calendar for other defense cases came to light. It was the second time her trial was postponed.Bustamante, 17, was 15 at the time Olten died. She is being tried as an adult and faces life in prison if convicted for the crime. Olten went missing while walking home from a friend's house in October 2009. After several days of searching in a wooded area, authorities found Olten in one of two shallow holes in the wooded area. Authorities said Bustamante led them to the body.