Bustamante attorneys seek to ban statements made by suspect

Attorneys for Alyssa Bustamante want to keep statements made by Bustamante from being used during her trial.Her attorneys met with a Cole County judge in a close-door hearing earlier this week and asked to suppress statements she made to investigators.The motion to suppress stated Bustamante's statements were not made voluntarily and that she was subjected to mental and physical duress prior to and during her investigation.Attorney's also said her statements were made before she was advised of her constitutional Miranda Rights.The 17-year-old was 15 when she was charged in the 2009 killing of Elizabeth Olten, a nine-year-old neighbor of Bustamante. She pleased not guilty. Her trial is scheduled for June.Bustamante's Attorney's Motion to Suppress Read how events unfolded from when Elizabeth went missing to when police found her body.