Bus window broken during march through mid-Missouri

Protesters say something broke the back window on their bus as they marched through Rosebud, Mo. Wednesday.

Marchers discovered something broke a window on their bus after marching through one Gasconade County town Wednesday.

Rhea Willis said when marchers got back on their bus after walking through Rosebud, someone pulled back a curtain to find a large crack along the back window. She said nobody knows exactly what caused it or when it happened. The NAACP said in a brief statement it had reported the incident to federal authorities.

Protesters are marching from Ferguson to Jefferson City to protest the shooting death of Michael Brown and the subsequent handling of the case as well as broader issues involving law enforcement. Some of them arrived on the Lincoln University campus Wednesday night. They ate a late dinner at the Scruggs University Center's cafeteria before heading to a gymnasium to spend the night.

Willis and her daughter, Cheyenne, said the crowd in Rosebud was the most hostile one they had seen, though they had run into counter-protesters all along the route. Andrew McFayden-Ketchum said he had expected a chilly reception but was surprised by what the demonstrators encountered on Wednesday.

"I kind of had a concept that something like that might be something we encounter, but I did not expect that," he said. "It was so quiet when we were walking in. And then, just, boom, as if it were coordinated."

Cheyenne Willis said the march has been a tremendous learning experience for her.

"I've followed in my grandparents' footsteps, of what they had to do," she said.

Willis said she plans to bring the lessons she learned back to school and discuss their implications with her peers.