Burglary ring busted: stolen property recovered and returned

Two people were on the run Tuesday night, suspected in a Cole County burglary ring.

But two other suspects are in jail.

KRCG's Daniel Winn talked to some of the business owners who were ripped off, and explains how deputies cracked the case.

Ricardo Finney owns "Just For You Auto and Accessoriesâ??.

Around midnight Tuesday, thieves helped themselves to his merchandise, "It was rough, I was devastated I was mad, I wanted to get them", Finney said.

Finney said the thieves broke through his front glass door, stole three stereos worth about $1,000, and were out within seconds.

He says the economy is tough enough, but to lose merchandise to a crook can really put the

screws to a small business owner, "Yeah you can't suffer any type of loss, any little loss leads to bigger loss and it's like a domino effect and every little penny counts", Finney told us.

Down the street police believe the same burglars stole $2,000 to $3,000

of Chuck Nobles inventory at â??Car Fonicsâ??.

He said, "I try to take good care of my customers and be as competitive as I can but every time something like this happens it just takes the wind out of your sails".

But the suspects got busted while stashing stuff at a property in the 3100 block of Bald Hills Road in Cole County.

Sheriff Greg White told us, "In this particular case a citizen called in suspicious activity, deputies responded and were able to determine what was really going on and the result was solving numerous burglaries out of the Jefferson City areaâ??.

Noble said this is the first time in 23 years that he's been a target.

Finney told us he's already installed security cameras.

Jefferson City Police and the Cole County Sherif'f's Department were working together to solve the crimes.