Bulky item pickup more than just trash removal

Jefferson City residents often give away unwanted items before bulky item pickup begins, reducing their impact on the environment.

Trash trucks in Jefferson City will be a bit lighter during the annual bulky items pickup, thanks to the dozens of trash pickers who weeded out items from trash piles in the days before it happens.

Jared Hagenhoff combed through piles around the city, recovering items like washing machines, dehumidifiers, and other items.

"It's an easy way to make money," Hagenhoff said. "You spend a little money, but you make money. It kind of helps the city out, they don't have to pick up the big, bulky items and if I can make some money on it, I'll make money on it."

Residents doing some spring cleaning Sunday said they were happy to help.

"I try to make sure we set it out a couple days early, because I know there are folks who come around and pick up scrap to try and make money off of," said Jefferson City resident Mike Falter. "I try to put as much stuff as I can out as early as I can."

Aside from the community-wide effort to dispose of their trash in an economically friendly way, the city's efforts save residents the expense of having to truck out their trash themselves.

For a complete list of what is allowed and what isn't, visit this link.