Brumley toddler's father says doesn't know who to believe

We have new information in the case of the Brumley toddler who died last week. We learned from court documents the little girl named Ocean McCoy died after being violently shaken. Roshell Johnson is charged with the crime. She faces a number of charges, including second-degree murder, endangering the welfare of a child, and abuse of a child. Johnson is the fiance of the baby's father. KRCG's Mallory McGowin talked with him and the baby's mother Tuesday as they search for answers about what happened.

The probable cause statement tells us 32-year-old Roshell Johnson of Brumley submitted a written statement last Friday regarding the death of her fiance's daughter, 20-month-old Ocean McCoy. Johnson was caring for Ocean at the time of Ocean's fatal injury last Tuesday night.

The statement says Johnson argued with Ocean about picking up Ocean's toys and grabbed her by her pajamas when she tried to walk away. Johnson tells authorities she does not remember doing anything else to the child, but also said she has a mental illness, has not been taking her prescribed medications, and has been known to black out.

But Ocean's parents still have questions.

"Do we agree with it? Or do we disagree with it? We really don't know," says Ocean's father Francis McCoy.

"We don't know what to think, who to believe, who to even turn to right now," says Kimberly Rohr, Ocean's mother.

The probable cause statement also sheds light on Johnson's history with the Missouri Department of Social Services. The statement says Children's Services officials permanently removed six of Johnson's biological children from her home about a year ago. McCoy says it happened about four years ago.

Since then, McCoy and Johnson have had a child of their own. Johnson also worked as Ocean's babysitter just after Ocean was born.

I asked McCoy and Rohr, "Did you think twice about having someone who lost six of her own children watching your children?"

Rohr says, "To a point we did discuss what to do. We'd watched Roshell with Colten, her son. He seemed fine. She didn't seem to be any harm to him. He was two at the time. It didn't really dawn on us that there was a possibility that anybody like that could actually hurt our child."

We asked Social Services officials to comment on their involvement with this family. They issued this statement, saying: "This is a tragic loss of a child's life. This tragedy is very recent. The Children's Division is aggressively investigating and we are doing a thorough review of the file."

Ocean's parents say they want to see the autopsy results for themselves before they pass judgement on the situation. We hope to talk to Miller County officials Wednesday.