Brother of exonerated murder suspect speaks

The brother of an exonerated murder suspect spoke out thursday afternoon.

At a court hearing Wednesday a Dekalb county judge declared his brother innocent.

Dale Helmig has served 14 years of a life without parole sentence in the 1993 murder of his mother.

The judge called Helmig a victim of a fundamental miscarriage of injustice.

Rich says Wednesday's victory was the culmination of over a decade's long fight to free his brother.

"It was a great feeling. We've been working on this for about 15 years, it's taken a long time, just had to keep talking about it and keep putting it out there in the public," Rich Helmig said. "We finally got what we've been waiting for. We always knew that if somebody would take a serious look at this, ya know, that it would get overturned. It's just a shame that it has taken 15 years to do that."

The judge ordered Helmig to be released from prison or immediately retried.

Helmis is being held until the Osage County prosecutor decides whether or not to re-file charges. The prosecutor has 180 days to do so.

Rich Helmig and his family don't think that will happen.

"Our gut feeling is that they won't because there's just nothing left in the case," Rich said. "Ya know there's no evidence, you take away everything that they did as far as false statements, misleading statements to the jury, you take all that stuff away and ya know the highway patrolman actually recanting his testimony, you take that all away and there's just nothing there. So we're pretty confident that this is about the end of the road."

Norma Helmig's body was found along the Osage River tied to a concrete block during the floods of '93.

The family has always been pointing a finger at Norma's husband ted, who had a court order to stay away from his wife.

According to Rich they are looking forward to getting away upon his brother's release.

A bond hearing is scheduled for next Wednesday, which may not be necessary if the Osage County Prosecutor indicates she will not file new charges. That would immediately make Dale a free man.