Braving the cold

Employees at Starr Pines Christmas Tree Farm warm their hands over a wood stove.

While cold temperatures drive many people indoors, some mid-Missourians have to work outside no matter the weather.

Wayne Harmon, owner of Starr Pines Christmas Tree Farm in Boonville, said he spends his entire day outdoors taking customers on hayrides to pick out trees and then cutting them down.

He said he dresses in layers to keep warm, and wants to make sure his customers stay warm as well.

"If they show up and they've got their coat unzipped, the first thing I tell them is to zip your coat up and put your hat on. And then we have free hot spiced cider in the barn so they can warm up either before or after they cut the tree. And the wood stove is going also," Harmon said.

Elizabeth Keach, an employee at Dog Daze Playcare dog daycare in Columbia, also has to spend a large portion of the day outside.

"Every 20 minutes we take them out when they have to go potty. Otherwise it gets a little crowded inside... so we just take them outside and we really stay out here for as long as we can," Keach said.

She added that in addition to bundling up, on especially cold days they will let the dogs out more frequently but for shorter periods of time so that they can warm up inside.