Boyfriend charged in murder of exotic dancer

Kelly R. Simino

Police say the case of a murdered exotic dancer at Lake of the Ozarks has been solved.The Miller County Prosecutor on Friday announced that Kelly R. Simino, 43, had been charged with 2nd Degree Murder in the 2006 death of Brandi Mathews.Mathews worked as a dancer under the name "Faith" at an Osage Beach strip club when she disappeared in 2006. Three years later, hikers stumbled upon her remains under a bridge in rural Miller County.

Police picked-up Simino the same day Mathews TM remains were positively identified. Police cited a parole violation as the reason for the arrest, he has remained in custody since then.Simino was Mathews' boyfriend at the time she disappeared. Those she worked with at Club Flirt had suspected that Simino was behind her death. Click HERE to read more about what the strip club owner said.In court documents obtained by KRCG, investigators report that two witnesses have gone on record saying that Simino had confessed to breaking Mathews' neck. One witness told investigators that Simino was emotional when he confessed to killing her and that he said it was an accident.Investigators also mention a third witness who positively identified Simino as the man she saw chocking a woman on a bridge. Police say it was the same bridge where Mathews remains were found.

The Miller County Prosecutor had asked for help from the state TMs attorney general TMs office to investigate the case.