Boy Scouts hydrate and learn the ropes of heat safety

Boy Scouts stay hydrated at day camp at the Jefferson City Jaycees fairgrounds.

Tuesday was the first true summer-like day in mid-Missouri with high temperatures in the low 90s, and the heat index near 100 degrees.

That didn't stop 180 Boy Scouts from attending their week-long day camp at the Jefferson City Jaycees fairgrounds.

Boy Scouts staff made sure the boys had plenty of water, took breaks, and spent time in the shade.

"The way the camps are set up when it comes to activities is we do a high activity, then we do a low activity. For instance, we'll do something really active like archery or fishing where they'll have to do a lot of activity, and then they'll go somewhere like arts and crafts where they're actually able to sit down. We'll alternate it back and forth, high energy, low energy," said Camp Director Ron Mobley.

Mobley said this year has been hotter than in previous years, especially last year when campers battled thunderstorms.

The staff watches for signs of heat stress and visible dehydration.

Parents have been encouraged to pack water or sports drinks in their son's lunches rather than soda.