Boy mourns loss of father

Updated: Monday, December 16th at 12:17 p.m.:

Donations are being accepted Monday for a Callaway County family whose home was destroyed by a fire.

Robert Walker, died in the fire Thursday night.

He leaves behind three children.

SERVE, a nonprofit organization in Fulton that helps those in need, is "adopting" the family.

Donations can be dropped off at the Mueller Student Center at Westminster College from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday.

Callaway County SERVE director Julie Roark said they're most in need of household items.

"We're working on household items, I know that they'll hopefully within the next few weeks be able to get into their home so we want to be able to have furnishings and those types of things. We've had lots of good calls...people who were offering furniture, who were offering appliance-type things, so all of those wonderful things are definitely going to be needed."

The sizes provided to KRCG 13 for the family are:

girl: size 11 shoe, 13 pants, XL shirt, 36B bra

girl: size 5 shoe, 12/14 kids size pants and shirt, 32 training bra

boy: size 6 shoe, 14 pants and shirt

Original Story:

Three Callaway County children are without a father after a fire swept through their home.

It happened just before 11 p.m. Thursday in the 2900-block of Ben Oaks Drive. Robert Walker was making his family dinner in the kitchen when tragedy struck.

"We were making french fries with grease and he left the stove on," Robert Walker's 10-year old son, also named Robert, said.

The mother of his three children, Jamie Battles, said she spent the evening at the hospital with their oldest child. When she returned home, she found her two younger ones on the porch, searching for help.

"He told us to get out of the house, I got raven up, we got out of the house,â?? 10-year-old Robert said. â??By The time dad got out of the house, he was just laying there."

Robert and his 12-year-old sister, Raven, were relentless in their effort to save their father, and tried to pull him to safety through the front door. EMS personnel performed CPR on 37-year-old Walker but he was pronounced dead soon after.

Just days before Christmas the family is dealing with the loss of their dad.

Young Robert Walker has one Christmas wish, which is something Santa won't be able to bring.

â??I just to be with my family," Robert said.

Where children once slept, ash and debris remain. They are now a family in need.

"We need some clothes, shoes," Robert said.

Now this family, that has been hit with such tragedy just days before Christmas, is asking for the community's support. New Bloomfield Elementary, which is where Robert goes to school, is accepting donations for the entire family.

The Red Cross also helped the family's immediate needs by helping them buy food and clothing.

Family members are now staying with relatives.