Boonville Christmas tree farmers give trees to VAC

Thanksgiving is next Thursday, but one Boonville family is already giving away some Christmas presents.

Wayne and Anne Harmon own Starr Pines Christmas Tree Farm.

The Harmons cut down 60 Christmas trees on their farm just south of Boonville. The Harmons donated the trees to Columbia TMs Voluntary Action Center for people who can TMt afford a real tree for the holidays.

The donated trees are worth about $3,000.

This means more to me than money," Wayne Harmon said. "The feeling that I get giving trees to people that otherwise wouldn TMt have one and they could have their family around it at Christmas time is just a wonderful feeling.

The Harmons donated trees of all shapes and sizes. The donated trees are scotch pines. For some lucky families, this will be the first year that they have a real Christmas tree in their home.

Voluntary Action Center Director Cindy Mustard, 67, helped haul the trees back to Columbia. Mustard said nothing compares to a real tree on Christmas morning.

I just think it really tops off the Christmas for them if they can have a fresh, live tree in their home," Mustard said. "I just can TMt imagine the kids being happier to have that tree.

Volunteers with the Voluntary Action Center will start giving away the trees on Dec. 9 at Columbia TMs Trinity Lutheran Church. That TMs the same place and time low-income families start collecting their free Christmas meals and toys.

More than 4,000 volunteers are helping with the 27th Annual Voluntary Action Center TMs Christmas Assistance Program.