Boone County woman gored, trampled by bull

A Boone County woman is recovering in stable condition after she was attacked by a bull at her farm on East Barnes Chapel Road.

A Boone County woman is in stable condition at University Hospital after a bull attacked her in a pasture on her cattle farm on East Barnes Chapel Road.

According to Boone County Fire Protection District, the woman, in her late 60s, was in the pasture with her husband when the animal turned on her. She suffered several broken ribs and other injuries to her chest and head.

When rescuers arrived, they found the woman lying in her pasture surrounded by family members. She was air lifted to University Hospital.

"I think it's horrible," Said the victim's next-door neighbor Ashley Allison. "I would feel really bad if one of my goats horned me or something. I mean, it happens... be aware of your surroundings."

"Animals have their own minds," Allison said. "You can't always trust them. I have horses too. They'll buck you off. You always have to be aware of your surroundings and know that they can flinch or do something at any moment."

Neighbor Wayne Chapin said he was saddened when he heard the news. "Sympathetic for them," Chapin said. "You don't want to see anybody get hurt. Especially handling cows or horses, it's very popular out here."

Battalion Chief Gale Blomenkamp said it is important to take care when interacting with large animals in order to protect yourself from serious bodily injury.

"Never turn your back to them," Blomenkamp said. "Know your animals, have an escape route should that animal turn on you. Be able to get yourself out of the situation, out of the area. Be able to put something between you and the animal to get separation."

Staff at M-U hospital say the woman will likely be in the hospital for several weeks and will require rehabilitation for her injuries.