Boone County to Receive "County Excellence" Award

Boone County has been selected to receive one of five 2012 Missouri Association of Counties' "County Excellence Awards".

The county was selected for its creation of the "Unclaimed Property Database," which is Missouri's only county-based online unclaimed property database.

â??This is statewide recognition of the innovation citizens expect and Boone County government works to deliver to improve services, operational efficiency and government transparency,â?? County Treasurer Nicole Galloway said. â??The Missouri Association of Counties represents 114 member counties, and Iâ??m extremely proud of the honor. Most importantly, it highlights an improvement that has helped return $11,500 over the past 13 months to citizens and businesses.â??

Galloway holds over $50,000 in unclaimed property in 3,000 accounts.

Unclaimed property includes checks issued by the county that are outstanding for more than 180 days. The checks are turned over to the state if unclaimed for more than three years and will remain with the state until they are claimed.

Citizens may search and file claims 24 hours a day, seven days a week at