Boone County reviewing demonstration policy after Charlottesville

The Boone County Sheriff's Department said it reviews its policies any time a national tragedy occurs (Garrett Bergquist)

Boone County's chief deputy on Friday said the department reviews its policies any time a national tragedy occurs to prevent similar incidents here.

Maj. Tom Reddin said anyone wishing to hold a demonstration must apply for a permit. During the permitting process, he said the sheriff's department and other agencies will meet with the organizers to discuss their goals and objectives and go over ways to keep demonstrators and the public safe.

So far, Reddin said deputies haven't found anything in their demonstration procedures that they think warrants a second look following a vehicular attack at a demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left one woman dead. He said the department keeps in contact with other public safety agencies to determine the best ways to deal with large, emotionally-charged crowds.

Reddin said vehicular attacks are becoming increasingly popular. He said public safety agencies are considering ways to block vehicular access to demonstration areas, but this poses problems in cases involving marches, which don't stay in one place.

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