Boone County offers online gun permit applications

Boone County gun owners have a quicker way to apply for conceal and carry weapon permits.

The sheriffâ??s department is now offering an online application and renewal process for gun permits.

The new online system started Wednesday and already 25 gun owners have taken advantage of Boone Countyâ??s new application and renewal process. People applying for a concealed carry weapon permit for the first time or renewing an existing permit can complete the initial stage of the process on the sheriffâ??s departmentâ??s website by clicking online services. Applicants get an e-mail requesting they respond to the sheriffâ??s department to be fingerprinted and pay the required fees within 30 days.

Boone County Sheriffâ??s Department spokesman Tom Reddin said, â??People have submitted their application online and they have not yet gone through their conceal carry training that state law requires. Folks want to make sure they have that training, either scheduled or already completed, so that they are within that 30 day window when they do an online application.â??

After passing a background check, applicants will be notified their permits are ready to be picked up at the sheriffâ??s department.

Reddin said, â??When they come out here, all they have to do is review and sign the form, get fingerprinted and pay the fee. 15 or 20 minutes is going to be cut down to 10 minutes or less.â??

Between January and November of last year, the Boone County Sheriffâ??s Department issued more than 1,700 new and renewal concealed carry weapon permits. Sheriffâ??s administrators expect that number to be higher this year with their online application process.

Applying online is not mandatory and does not affect the application process at the Ashland or Hallsville police departments.