Boone County Fire District fine is down to $213,000

It has taken two years, but the Boone County Fire Protection District now has a better idea of the amount they may have to repay the federal government. They had thought the figure would be somewhere in the neighborhood of three quarters of a million dollars. In fact, that number is closer to $213,000.

The debt was uncovered in a 2009 audit which showed some district expenses were not supported by, nor eligible for federal funding. The audit covered FEMA grants and deployment reimbursements for Missouri Task Force One in fiscal years 2002-2006.

There are still details to be worked out before the district makes payment. " We are waiting for the detailed document that deliniates what is owed and how and for what particular item," says Boone County Fire Chief Scott Olsen. "Once the board of directors reviews that document, they can either concur with the document and pay the full amount, or we, as a fire district, can appeal and hope to get maybe the amount lessened."

The district has been banking money since they first learned they might have to repay Uncle Sam. They have saved around $800,000. Any money not returned to the federal government will be used for infrastructure projects and to replace old equipment