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      Body found in burned home

      Officials are still investigating the discovery of a body found in a burned home Monday night.The body of 23-year-old Brent Comer was found after Miller County authorities responded to a fire Monday night on Eldon Road.Miller County Sheriff Bill Abbott said that as of Thursday morning, they were still following up on two possible leads.He also said an autopsy was performed on Comer's body Wednesday morning, but the results have not been released.The owner of the home, Treba Taylor Crismon, lives down the road. She sent her son to see what was happening when she saw flashing lights from emergency vehicles."It was locked," she said. "We had no idea...we were between renters. We didn't know if there were others with him. We have no idea what happened, but we feel terrible about it."Crismon's son used a tractor to move three hay bales that had caught fire after he met authorities at the scene.

      The home had been in Crismon's family for generations.

      "When I was growing up as a child it was here," Crimson said. "My aunt and uncle lived here, and my cousin lived with them. We played together when we were little children. So it's always been in the family."

      Sheriff Bill Abbott said the State Fire Marshall's Office and the Highway Patrol are working with his department to investigate the fire.