Board to decide fate of Girl Scouts Green Berry Acres

Green Berry Acres, a girl scout camp in Jefferson City could be sold for capital improvements within the organization.

Kathleen Thomas has been a girl scout troop leader for years. During those years, she lead Cole County girls through their first camping experience at Green Berry Acres.

"Being in the Capital City, it's very marketable, it's a very good place to host things and it's a beautiful property. It's one of the least costly properties out there because it is small," said Thomas.

The property, on the east side of Jefferson City, offers a small lodge, picnic area, fire pit, and nature trails all for a small $25 fee per troop per night.

Many mid-Missourians don't know about it because it's tucked away and not being used as much as other girl scout properties.

The property is in danger of being sold for capital improvements across all 11 properties in the Girl Scouts Missouri Heartland organization.

This potential decision has been in the works for about two years, allowing for troop leaders and parents to voice their concerns about certain properties being sold.

Anne Soots, the CEO for Girl Scouts Missouri Heartland, said though it's unfortunate Green Berry Acres is on the chopping block, the sale's proceeds would help improve other program sites.

"Right now we have a lot of properties and we don't have the funds to bring all of the up to the standard that we would like to to serve our girls and our volunteers. So if we continue to have everything, we can't get anything to where we would like it to be," said Soots.

The sale of Green Berry Acres would be a huge loss to the Cole County troops.

"We can't go to a hotel or a campground and have the safety and security of that place. We just don't have the funds to go long distance to camp and don't have the training to tent camp," said Thomas.

Soots said the organization will do it's best to work with troops who lose nearby program sites.

"We will work with the troops to find other opportunities for them to have outdoor experiences, working with maybe the local parks department or some other organizations that have collaborative efforts to make sure we still have outdoor programs for our girls."

Soots encourages family, friends, and parents of Girl Scouts to voice their opinions on the issue before a June 14th board meeting by emailing their thoughts to