Blunt says no to Shinseki resignation

Senator Roy Blunt found most Columbia patients to be satisfied with access to health care and appointment scheduling at Truman Hospital.

Senator Roy Blunt made a stop at Columbiaâ??s Harry S. Truman Veteransâ?? Hospital as part of his statewide tour to promote improvements in mental health services.

He found most Columbia patients to be satisfied with access to health care and appointment scheduling.

Congress started investigating V.A. hospitals across the country after more than 40 veterans are suspected of dying while waiting for medical care from the V.A. hospital in Phoenix.

While some leaders in Washington are calling for the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki because of problems throughout the department, Senator Blunt is not one of them.

Blunt said, â??All that does is postpone solving this problem. That will not solve the problem. All that will do is mean somebody else will be in charge. The fair thing to do then would say we have to give them a couple of years to see if they canâ??t get this straightened out. By then you have a new President. Then you will have to give that new person a couple of years.â??

Blunt said every V.A. hospital in the country has problems and administrators can always do a better job.

Blunt said, â??All of our veteransâ?? hospitals are at a point where they are going to have to answer some really serious questions. I see that as a good time for the future of veteransâ?? health rather than a bad time. We have lots of information. Itâ??s time to put that information together.â??

Missouri Senators Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill sent a letter 2 weeks ago to Shinseki seeking answers.

They have no response.