Blue Alert to go into effect Monday

Missouri will be the 28th state to adopt the Blue Alert system. (File)

The Missouri State Highway Patrol announced the state's Blue Alert system is set to go into effect on Monday.

The alert system, similar to an Amber Alert or Silver Advisory, would notify the public when a law enforcement officer is killed, assaulted, or at risk.

Gov. Eric Greitens signed the bill July 6th.

“Blue Alert is an important program that lets every law enforcement officer in the state of Missouri know that the community supports them and has their back,” said Governor Eric Greitens. “Our police officers do dangerous work to protect all of us, and this program will help us ensure that anyone who assaults a law enforcement officer is quickly found and brought to justice.

  1. The alert can be issued in the state if it meets the following criteria:
  2. A law enforcement officer is killed or seriously injured in the line of duty; or
  3. An officer is missing in connection with official duties; or
  4. There is an imminent and credible threat to kill or seriously injure a law enforcement officer; and
  5. There is actionable information known about a suspect for a public notification to be helpful to law enforcement; and
  6. The law enforcement agency involved requests or approves the alert being issued.

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