Blog puts Columbia police on offensive

Columbia police administrators said an internet blog is spreading false information about their department.

Private investigator Rick Gurley posted a blog that said a Columbia police officer used unnecessary force against a suspect during an arrest last September.

David Riley, 31, was intoxicated at the time of his arrest. Riley hired private investigator Gurley. Gurley claims Columbia police officer Christopher Hessenflow kicked and injured Riley during his arrest instead of handcuffing him without incident at Columbia TMs Ultra Mart Convenience Store on Paris Road.

Police released video surveillance and an audio recording of the arrest. Officer Hessenflow was wearing an undercover microphone.

Police claim Riley swore at Officer Hessenflow and demanded his wallet from the officer. Gurley said the audio is inaudible and Riley never wanted to rob anyone. Riley can be can heard demanding to be shot several times.

This is not the case of some thug just trying to rob a police officer," Gurley said. "I honestly think there TMs some accountability on both sides here. David shares some of the fault here. It TMs really not a good thing to go out and talk to people in public and talk to people like that.

Riley cut a deal with prosecutors where the charge of robbery was dropped in exchange for two years in prison for a felony charge of resisting arrest. Even though this is a closed case, Columbia police want the public to know all of the facts.

He was very uncooperative during the booking process as well as at the hospital when he was trying to be treated," Columbia police officer Jill Wienke said. "He was obviously intoxicated and was very uncooperative and not compliant, not only with our requests, but with requests from hospital staff while trying to give him medical treatment.

Columbia police conducted an internal investigation that found Officer Hessenflow acted appropriately. Riley also filed a police complaint. That investigation should be finished by next week.

You can read Rick Gurley TMs blog here.