Blizzard Watch 2011 shakes things up

It TMs been a week since the Blizzard of 2011 turned Mid Missouri upside down. I can TMt remember a week that has felt as long as that one. And there are two words that can describe why: Blizzard Watch.

Some things happened last week that I honestly didn TMt bet on happening in my life. First, I slept at work. Not like fell asleep during a commercial break (kidding!), but I actually spent the night at the KRCG station. I guess I shouldn TMt say spent the night, because I slept from about 7 to midnight and then had to get up at midnight to get the morning show together because our producer couldn TMt make it into work (in a truck). Luckily, I stayed in the nice, clean, warm and cute office that is that of saleswoman extradonaire Kristi; so I got lucky there!

Secondly, there was a dog in the studio WHILE we were doing the news. Another thing I never thought I would see! But Zac needed to bring Crosby in, and he would have barked if he would have been in another room. So he needed to be by Zac right in the studio. He was a really good and cute dog, and it was fun having the little guy in with us. It was so funny to watch Zac do the weather because he had this little dog at his feet as he walked from one side of the weather screen to the other, and back again. Fun, blizzard times.

Lastly, my four wheel drive SUV got stuck. Yes, four wheel drive. Stuck. Ridiculous. But I guess when you TMre dealing with almost two feet of snow and an unplowed subdivision-that TMs what happens!

There's a little more snow out there this morning, but its not nearly as bad as last week! But still be safe and keep warm! Just a few more days until warmer weather!