Blair Oaks student to graduate two months after crash

Emily Beul will graduate this weekend from Blair Oaks. She was in a serious car accident on March 8.

A Blair Oaks High School senior will graduate this weekend, just two months after a car crash had her clinging to life.

Emily Beul was pulling out of a parking lot on the 1600 block of Christy Drive in Jefferson City at the time of the accident on March 8.

"There was a snow pile there that was blocking her view a little bit, and she pulled out into traffic and a pickup truck broadsided her on her side of the door," Emily's father, Mike, said.

Emily was taken to Capital Region Medical Center and then flown to University Hospital, where she spent around ten days in a coma.

Three or four days into that coma, Emily started using sign language.

"She was communicating that way even though she couldn't speak or she wasn't totally awake," Emily's mom, Terrie, said.

Because of that experience, Emily changed her future plans from pursuing a career in computers to becoming a sign language interpretor.

Emily said that her friends have been there for her throughout the experience, but they can't do the same activities as before the crash.

"It's hard to have them visit because I can't have lots of noise because it gives me headaches, when headaches aren't good. We just want to go out and do stuff like go to the movies and go shopping but I can't do that so they have to go without me or not go at all," Emily said.

Emily's parents said they're pleased with the progress she's made so far, and she's expected to make a full recovery within the year.