Black Friday is a success in Jefferson City

Retailers around the nation are already calling this year's Black Friday shopping day one of the best in history.

Over 152-million shoppers were expected to shop on this busy day, and with stores like Walmart opening its doors early on Thanksgiving, it seems like that could be close to reality.

So how was the traffic and the shoppers in our capitol city early Friday morning?

KRCG talked with local law enforcement and retailers to find out.

Shoppers everywhere hit the stores in the wee hours of the morning Friday to try and get those great deals on Christmas gifts.

"I thought there were a lot of good deals this year, Black Friday Shopper Chelsea Richardson said.

But how was the crowd control and traffic on one of the busiest days of the year?

"It was very successful for law enforcement and also for retailers. There was a lot of good planning that went on this year for Black Friday. We didn't have any incidents of violence. We did have some traffic issues as far as congestion, but no major traffic accidents, Jefferson City Police Dept. Sgt. Randy Werner said.

Shoppers told me that this year's black Friday seemed to go a lot smoother than others.

"There wasn't no where near the pushing, shoving, and grabbing like there has been in the past. I just hope it continues to be as smooth as it was this year in the future, Black Friday Shopper Steve Ochs said.

"I thought everyone was friendly. I didn't see any fighting of anything, Richardson said.

One of the reasons why is because retailers like Target adapted and prepared more for the big Black Friday rush.

Target opened their doors earlier this year at midnight and also changed how people are let in the store.

"We let people in groups of 30 in one at time and spread it in 15 second intervals. So shoppers could have a great and safe shopping experience. Everyone seemed to really like it, Target Spokesperson Matt said.

Matt told me that there were a lot more shoppers at target this year than there have been in the past.

"We've had a lot of great items in the ad this year and a ton of positive response to it. We've had great in-stocks and sales as a whole. It's actually been a great Black Friday for us, Matt said.

Walmart, Target and many other retailers in Jefferson City told me they had a great Black Friday turnout.

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