Big-name stores boost Capital City development

Struemph says the new Sam's Club will be built near the Dick's Sporting Goods on Missouri Blvd.

The Capital City is looking to bring in more big-name businesses while renovating already existing structures to enhance the city's economic development.

Jefferson City Mayor Eric Struemph said the city is growing and bringing in new businesses. Just this week, news of a new Sam's Club set to open in 2015 spread quickly throughout the city.

"As the Capital City, we are becoming more and more of a regional shopping hub. And I think the announcement that Sam's [Club] and other store's we've heard about coming to town, that's only a plus for our economic development," Struemph said.

Struemph said projects like this also have the potential to bring millions of dollars into the city.

"Any time that you have $80, $90 million coming in, that's construction jobs, that's new homes, it's a lot of different things that really drive our community."

In the heart of the city, downtown development continues in many forms, including the renovation of High Street lofts and Capitol repairs recently approved in the budget.

Struemph has his own idea of what he'd like to see downtown.

"I'd like to see a grocery store downtown. I think with the loft apartments that we have, and that kind of thing, i think that we really need a local grocer within the downtown area to make the apartments and stuff flourish," he said.

Struemph spoke with optimism about the economic development of the city, and said he's looking forward to what's to come.

"I think the best thing to do is, you just have to look forward and see what's ahead of you and we're very blessed as a city to have all these great opportunities coming our way," he said.