Beating the "Office Chair Blues."

By definition, exercise, means to keep busy or to keep the body at work. However, while many adults are on the job their body may be at rest.

Mitch Rademan, a personal training coordinator explains that, "When you sit all day your muscles become very relaxed. It is going to be very hard to engage those muscles if all you are doing is sitting."

The state of relaxation can cause laziness, or what we are calling the "Office Chair Blues."

Mitch also mentioned that, â??What a lot of people donâ??t think about when they are sitting at their desk is that they slouch and the muscles in the lower back are what really start to hurt you."

If you do not feel like you have time between the email alerts, conference calls and family ties; you arenâ??t alone.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 2 in 10 adults don't get enough exercise.

Mitch understands and told us, "In a perfect world we'd get 30 minutes of exerise a day but if you can at least get 10 minutes in a day that is better than nothing."

If you are stuck in an office most of the day, there are several ideas to beat the "Office Chair Blues." Mitch recommended keeping a dumbell under your desk and working out your arms a few minutes a day. He also suggested lunges, core twists, crunches and push-ups.

If you don't have an office to yourself, some less obvious ideas to stay active at work would be to park further away from the main entry door and walk while you talk on the phone. Mitch encourages a walk at lunch and taking the stairs instead of an elevator.

By keeping your heart rate active at work, drinking plenty of water and stretching daily you will beat the "Office Chair Blues." and produce more energy to use.