Beating the heat in 90-degree temperatures

Even with 90-degree temperatures, many people won't be staying indoors during the summer's heat waves. Whether you are outside for work-related reasons or part of a sports team, finding a way to beat dehydration and heat exhaustion is a necessity for spending time outdoors when it's hot out.

Little league coach Dr. Timothy Galbraith explained the secret to his success. "It's 95 degrees out here... I think the key is to stay hydrated," Galbraith said. He is responsible for keeping his team of small children hydrated, to prevent them from suffering from exhaustion.

Coach Galbraith and the other adults at practice follow some common safety procedures to make sure everyone has enough water.

"These kids are probably not going to tell you when they are thirsty whenever they need to, so we kind of force them to take water breaks," Galbraith said. "We take a lot of water breaks... we probably take a break every five minutes or so."

It isn't just the children who are sweating it out - anyone outside during a heatwave feels the hot temperatures. That's why Rita Holtmeyer attends little league practice with her grandson, to watch for signs that he may need to take a break.

"You don't want to be overly tired, and I always think if you aren't sweating then that's probably not a good thing," Holtmeyer said. "He sweats a lot, so if he weren't sweating or complaining or complaining about being chilled or shaking then we would know something was wrong."

Aside from looking out for each other, there are some pretty easy ways to keep cool during a heatwave.

The first and most important way to beat the heat is to stay hydrated - drinking more water than usual can prevent dehydration. The second is to get plenty of rest - if you feel dizzy or exhausted, take a break or tell someone immediately.

Furthermore, wearing loose-fitting clothing can keep your body cool - it won't trap in the heat as much as tight-fitting clothing.

If you are an adult, be careful about drinking in extreme heat - alcohol can dehydrate the body faster.

Being vigilant when it is hot outside can leave you in better shape for when temperatures cool down.