BBB warns of Netflix scam

The Better Business Bureau is warning Netflix customers to watch out for a scam that tries to steal your personal information.

BBB officials say targeted Netflix users get an email that links to a phony webpage that may look like the real Netflix login. If the user enters their information they will be sent to a page saying their user account has been suspended and then given a customer service number.

The number will send you to a call center in India that does not belong to Netflix. They will recommend the user to download, "Netflix support software." The software gives the scammers full access to the userâ??s computer.

"Netflix has a good reputation and scammers are taking full advantage of that," said BBB president and CEO Michelle L. Corey. "Anyone using the companyâ??s video-steaming service could fall for this scam and become a victim of identity theft."

Here are some tips given by the BBB to avoid this scam and others like it:

  • Never let someone log into your computer remotely.ã??When someone logs in, they can do anything you can do on your computer. They can access anything including personal and financial information.

  • Do not click links in emails.ã??It is better to type the address in the search bar manually.

  • If the URL seems odd, do not continue to the site.ã??If it is a scam, it will most likely have an unusual URL. It will likely contain a common name but be accompanied by jumbled letters or numbers.

  • Always look up the businessâ??s phone number on its website.ã??If you need to call a business, look it up on its official website. This will ensure that you are calling a legitimate number.