Balloon release birthday held in remembrance of young meth victim

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Youth is a time in life when you're meant to play, discover, and learn to love.

But for some children like Christopher Dwiggins that opportunity was cut short too soon.

"On April 16th of 2000, my children were driving home with my ex-husband of two years, and hewas high on meth, and he crashed the car. Christopher passed away 7 days later," said Robin Dwiggins, the mother of Christopher.

Sunday was a somber reminder of that event over 12 years ago for her, but instead of letting sorrow consume her, she remembered and gave back in the most positive way possible.

"The reason for today is not only to celebrate his life, as he would be going into adulthood, graduating from high school, going to college,â?? said Dwiggins. â??You know, just everything that has to do with becoming a young adult, and also to continue to raise awareness of the dangers of meth."

Family and friends started his birthday celebration by releasing balloons to let Christopher know that they still love him and they fight to help save others from his fate.

And they still found the time to sing to Christopher, and all that he represents, a happy 18th birthday.

The balloon release for Christopher not only happened in Jefferson City, but in places all across the world on Sunday.