Bad Lance! No!

Lance Armstrong confessed to using performance-enhancing drugs this week.

This was a week we'd like to forget, but we'll likely remember.

The bigger story was Lance Armstrong, who now has the credibility of a dog who's not house trained.

Bad Lance! No!

We'll get to him in a minute.

But first, let's look at the Manti Te'o story, which really isn't a story at all. There's only one thing more stupid than his Internet shenanigans, and that's the coverage it's received since this non-story "broke."

Wall-to-wall coverage, experts and lawyers breaking it down, what this did to his NFL draft stock, what this says about our society, should we pelt him with rotten tomatoes, black bananas, or outdated cottage cheese.

It's easy to dislike the media, isn't it? Sometimes (with the exception of Rod Smith and the fabulous crew and KRCG), I don't like us very much.

The Manti deal is a bunch of Internet bull droppings. Te'o, it seems, was hood-winked by some pictures of a cute "girl" and a cute voice on the other end of the phone. But he never met her.

If we had done this, wouldn't we have been curious to meet this person at some point? Let's say, after one year? Two years?

Sigh. Maybe it's just me.

Remember when you met your "girlfriend/boyfriend" at work? School? Church? The grocery srore, a blind date, a bar?

Aah, the good ol' days. (If you want more of my thoughts, I'll private-message you on Facebook, K? BRB! :o)

Anyway, this Notre Dame stud --- who is now more of a gelding --- did one of two things. He either fell in love with a girl he never met, or he fell in love with a girl he never met and lied about it.

Either way, who cares? In either case, Te'o is a schmuck. And so are the media for pounding this story like they're tenderizing tough meat into submission.
Stupid isn't a crime. If it were, we'd have plenty of guilty people in our country.

Speaking of stupid, that brings us to Armstrong. My opinion of his story may be in the minority, but it is what it is.

First, however, I'm 100 percent certain most of us agree on these points:

* Armstrong is a self-serving jerk;

* He treated those around him --- who told the truth about his doping to win seven Tour de Frances --- like they were Christmas leftovers in January;

* He perpetuated his lies for more than a decade. He even sued those who came out with these allegations --- stories he now admits are true;

* He put his five kids under the microscope and they'll live with his legacy of lies the rest of their lives.

Armstrong's a bad guy and he's hurt a lot of people, and many seem to have legitimate counter-lawsuits. Go get him, folks, and drain him of everything he's got. Heck, go to his home and take the loose change out of the couch, along with his last morsel of food.

So we all agree --- Armstrong has done a lot of bad.

But he's done even more good.

He overcame cancer, third-stage testicular cancer, in the mid-1990's. That was his most amazing win. Then he won the biggest bicycle race in the the world seven times. The vast majority of people in our country could care less about the Tour de France, but everyone knew who Lance Armstrong was.

Some of us can name three winners of this race: Armstrong, Greg Lemond and Floyd ... hmmm ... Floyd something. Whatever.

Can anybody name can three other winners? No. Why? We don't care if some guy from Luxembourg, a name we can't pronounce, wins the stupid thing and sips champagne with some hot babes from Paris.

Nobody cares about it ... except for the hot babes.

But after beating cancer and beating guys on bikes to win a bunch of yellow shirts --- and it's widely accepted that most of the other guys were doping, too --- Armstrong should have a lasting legacy of good.

He started The Livestrong Foundation, his very own fundraiser to fight cancer, in 1997. Most of us --- if not all of us --- have been touched and/or decimated by cancer in our lives. Whether it's our own battle, a family member, a friend.

Armstrong's foundation has raised $500,000,000 to fight this battle. If you don't want to count the zeroes, that's 500 million dollars.

So go ahead and take his remaining money through lawsuits, take his yellow shirts, and dislike him forever. I think I even have some outdated cottage cheese you can throw at him, if you wish.

But in the end, don't forget the "5" followed by eight zeroes he's helped raise to fight cancer. What's most important?

This is what we should remember.