Attorneys say not enough evidence to try Cravens

Attorneys told KRCG 13 Friday evidence did not support allegations that Eric Cravens had any part in a June shooting in downtown Columbia.

Tracy Gonzalez, First Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Boone County, said the investigation into the shooting, caught on video by a bystander, is ongoing and several people who law enforcers believe know something about the shooting "are not cooperating." Nevertheless, Gonzalez said there was not enough evidence to bring Cravens to a jury trial. She noted two very different standards are applied to evidence supplied for filing charges and evidence introduced in a court of law, and she said evidence would not have proven Cravens guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

"We are seeking justice," she said. "We are not going to have somebody held in the Boone County Jail or the Department of Corrections, any defendant, where the state doesn't feel the evidence is going to be sufficient to go forward."

Cravens' attorney, Jennifer Bukowsky, said she consulted surveillance video from a Taco Bell and a Break Time Cravens stopped at on the night of the shooting to confirm claims he was well away from downtown Columbia when the shooting happened. She said footage showed him ordering food at a Taco Bell on Clark Lane two minutes after the shots were fired, which she said would be impossible if he had been downtown. Bukowsky said once her office had reviewed the footage and spoken with witnesses, she presented her findings to the prosecutor's office. She said Cravens' family is overjoyed by the news.

"They are ecstatic that he is home now, where he belongs," she said.

Bukowsky said Cravens held his baby daughter, who was born after his arrest, for the first time Friday afternoon.

Gonzalez said the investigation into the shooting is ongoing but did not provide any details, saying doing so might jeopardize the investigation.