Attorney general launches Spanish Web site

Missouri now has its first bilingual Web site.

The attorney general's Web site will now be presented in both Spanish and English.

Attorney General Chris Koster says his office gets "almost two dozen complaints a week" from Spanish-speaking Missourians.

Three percent of the state - about 175,000 people - only speak Spanish, according to Koster. That's a larger population than Springfield, which is Missouri's third largest city.

Koster says it's "vital" for people that don't speak English to be able to report crime, fraud and other abuses.

"I understand the political debate," said Koster. "But frankly we have a job to do at the attorney general's office. And our job is to provide these services...across the entire spectrum of the population."

Last year voters passed a constitutional provision that says all government business must be conducted in English. Koster told reporters he agrees with that and says the Web site complies with the provision.