At Missouri State Fair, good weather; high turnout

Vendors and staff at Missouri state fair say a great deal of planning goes into attracting people to the Missouri State Fair, but even the best planning can't stop mother nature from making or breaking a fair season.

"This year, we've had such a run of mild temperatures, and no humidity," said Fair Director Mark Wolfe. "That's everything in the fair businesses, whether or not you're a state or a local fair... the one thing you can't control can cause you the most grief - we've been very blessed this year."

The good weather has brought a lot of foot traffic into the fair. More sunshine means more good times for fairgoers. For many of the fiar's vendors, this means an upswing in business. "Overwhelming, it really has been," said concession stand owner Paula Westmoreland. "It's been totally unexpected, one of the largest crowds in the Missouri State fair has had in recent years."

Along with many other vendors, Westmoreland says her sales have been nonstop with more people coming out to enjoy the good weather and what the fair has to offer. Wolfe says, the benefits of good weather are far-reaching. "You've got people coming from all around the states surrounding Missouri," Wolfe said. He says although they don't have a formal economic impact study, he estimates that the fair has a $20-30 million dollar impact on Missouri's economy.

With high turnout for 2013, the Missouri State Fair ends on a high note for fairgoers and the local economy.