Ashland voters to weigh sales tax for roads

Voters here will decide on Tuesday whether to raise their town's sales tax by half a cent to pay for road maintenance and repairs.

Ward II alderman John Hills told KRCG Thursday the city has not had enough funds to perform major street repairs for several years. He said the city has enough revenue right now to do the bare minimum of maintenance but will need significantly more revenue to repair the streets if the city continues to grow at its current rate. Hills said a sales tax would work better than a property tax because anyone stopping off in Ashland to buy something would pay for the repairs, whereas a property tax would put all the burden on Ashland's property owners.

Most Ashland residents KRCG spoke to were unaware of the proposal. Many, like part-time resident Larry Ruff, said the roads needed work and they had no problem paying additional tax. Frank Sloan disagreed, calling the proposal "another tax we don't need."

The tax proposal, called Proposition 1, is one of nine issues on ballots in the KRCG viewing area for August 6. The only other issue on Boone County ballots this Tuesday is a $5 million bonding issue for Public Water Supply District No. 10.