Ashland taking steps to avoid future personnel shakeups

Ashland's Board of Aldermen is debating legislation it hopes would prevent future personnel crises.

The Board of Aldermen is debating a series of revisions it hopes will prevent another mass loss of personnel like the one that happened a year ago.

The Board started debating legislation Tuesday night that would add the city administrator to hiring and compensation discussions that body normally tackles alone. The legislation also clarifies that major officers like the city administrator, clerk, attorney and treasurer must continue to serve in an interim capacity if they step down until a replacement is found. That is unless they are removed from office, as happened at a board meeting almost exactly one year ago.

The events of 2013 cast a shadow over the discussions Tuesday night as some aldermen objected to a proposal to remove the Board of Aldermen from discussions dealing with employee compensation. The board ultimately decided to remain part of those discussions.

Ashland Mayor Gene Rhorer told KRCG 13 most of the legislation's provisions were prompted by new state laws and had been in the works for some time, but he said he hoped the bill would help the city avoid future personnel crises.