Ashland natural gas line under construction

The 6 month project will not cause any traffic problems along Highway 63.

Ameren Missouri is building an $11 million natural gas line between Columbia and Ashland.

Crews are installing 11 miles of insulated pipeline along Highway 63.

The new line will supply a growing demand for natural gas in the Ashland area.

Company officials say the 6 month project will not cause any traffic problems.

Ameren Missouri workers are making sure they donâ??t disturb any projects at Mizzouâ??s South Farm Research Center.

Gas Operations Director Michael Holman said, â??One of the special things that we are doing is having the pipe bored in. That way we wonâ??t disturb the soil.â??

Right now, Ashland customers get their natural gas from a single line that runs from Jefferson City.

The new gas line is scheduled to be ready by the end of September.