Ashland man donates 20 gallons of blood

An Ashland man has reached a milestone that few others have ever achieved.

Patrick Lee, 60, donated his 160th pint of blood during this year TMs Mizzou Homecoming Blood Drive.

As a 17-year-old Mizzou student, Lee donated his first pint of blood on November 15, 1968. 43 years later, Lee returned to Mizzou and donated a total of 20 gallons of blood. If one pint saves 3 lives, then Lee has saved the lives of 480 people.

Lee said, Over time, I would like to think that what I have done, and all of the other people who are here giving blood, have helped people survive surgeries and traumas and prolonged lives that might not have been possible otherwise.

Lee TMs blood type is A positive, the second most common blood type behind O positive. He puts stickers on a calendar to remind him when he is eligible to donate blood again. The Red Cross lets you donate every 8 weeks. Lee usually finds the time to roll up his sleeve as soon as he TMs eligible.

This is just the beginning for Lee. He said he TMll donate blood as long as he TMs healthy enough to do so. In fact, he plans on donating another 20 gallons by the time he TMs in his early 80 TMs.

Red Cross Officials gave Lee a commemorative pin in honor his 20 gallon accomplishment.

American Red Cross Spokesman Dan Fox said, Patrick is just one of the donors we have who comes out regularly and donates as often as he can. We love any donor who is willing to do that. One blood donation can help save up to three lives. Obviously, multiple donations can help multiple lives.

Although this donation got a lot of attention, Lee said it TMs just one more in the bag.

Lee said, I TMm glad I did it the first time as a freshmen here at Mizzou. I TMm glad that I stuck with it. I TMm going to keep sticking with it.

Lee is a local actor who plays Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Boone and William Clark at area schools, conventions and motivational meetings.