Ashland Alderman gets first look at impeachment reasons

Ashland Board of Aldermen memeber Jeff Anderson faces possible impeachment.

Ashland Alderman Jeff Anderson Tuesday night got a first look at the reasons his fellow board members want him impeached.

They are outlined in a four-page document. Examples include:

Article 1

(Anderson) "made public attempts to project the City of Ashland, the Board of Aldermen, and the Mayor of the City of Ashland in a negative light."

Article 6

"Further, Mr. Anderson's actions at City meetings have been consistently disruptive, abusive, without decorum and inappropriate."

Some of the other complaints show Anderson working alone, without board approval to investigate problems with the city's police department and the former city administrator.

They also criticize his efforts to hire a new city attorney.

Before Tuesday night's board meeting, Mayor Gene Rohrer tried unsuccessfully to get members to consider the tax liability of the impeachment proceedings. "I'm disappointed that we cannot sit down and work with one another to save our taxpayers some money," Rohrer told KRCG.

During the meeting, Anderson apologized for anything he did to offend anyone. After the meeting he told KRCG, "We're not elected to like each other, we're elected to vote and to work together with each other, and so what the voters expect is that we set aside our personal differences" He was later given the document outlining the board's concerns.

Anderson's attorney Chip Gentry said in a written statement to the city's attorney that Anderson did nothing which rises to the level of an impeachable offense. He warned that every allegation must be proven by clear, convincing and substantial evidence. Gentry's letter is included in the impeachment documents linked above.

The board set a date for that impeachment hearing, November 11th.