As flu season peaks, some question vaccine

Fall is in full swing, and so is something called flu season, which affects hundreds of Americans each year.

Of course, there is the flu vaccination, which usually is a simple shot that can keep you flu free for the rest of the season.

Many people, however, have reservations about getting a flu shot because they think it makes them sick when they get it.

Doctors say that's not the case.

"It can cause some typically mild side effects, maybe some discomfort at the injection site, maybe some muscle aches, and perhaps even a low-grade fever,â?? says Dr. Lorenzo McKnelly , an infective disease specialist at Captial Region. â??But the influenza vaccine is a killed virus; it cannot cause the flu."

Besides the standard intra-muscular shot, the vaccination now comes in an intra-dermal shot, which goes in just through the skin, and a nasal mist.

And you can find vaccinations a several places around the area, including pharmacies, grocery stores, hospitals, and your doctor's office.