Arsonist faces 50 years in prison for campus fires

A Columbia man was found guilty of starting fires on two Columbia college campuses.

Christopher Kelley, 27, was was found guilty on two counts of arson this week in federal court.

Investigators said in September 2011, Kelley started 10 fires in one night at Ellis Library on the University of Missouri's Columbia campus.

Detectives said he also vandalized property like computers, security cameras and windows.

The entire cost of damage was between $750,000 and a $1 million.

Police discovered earlier in 2011, Kelley also started a fire in a classroom on Stephens College.

He was indicted in both crimes in the summer of 2012.

Under federal statues, Kelley faces a mandatory five years in federal prison without parole for each count, but up to 40 years plus a hefty fine.

Kelley's trail started Monday in Jefferson City.