Arrest brings relief to murder victim's family

Harold Spurling says he is glad an arrest has been made in his son's murder but adds it doesn't erase the pain.

The father of murder victim Jonathan Spurling said he and his family are glad justice may finally be served.

Harold Spurling told KRCG 13 Thursday afternoon he knew something important had happened when Howard County Sheriff Mike Neal came to his door on Wednesday. He said Neal told the family personally about the arrest of Zachary Jefferson before the official announcement went out. Spurling said he is glad an arrest has been made but added it does not take the pain away.

"It's good, it helps us some, but it don't take away from the fact that we lost our son and our grandson lost his father and all that," he said.

Spurling said he knew little about Jonathan's relationship with Jefferson beyond the fact that Jonathan had at one point been married to a woman who later became Jefferson's wife. By the time the murder happened, Spurling said Jonathan had no interest in her. He said a little conversation between the two men could have averted the tragedy.

"I'm sure if (Jefferson) would have talked to (Jonathan) for a little while instead of doing what he did, he would have found out that he didn't have nothing to worry about with Jonathan," he said.

Spurling said the family will follow the trial and he hopes that there will be a conviction if Jefferson is the right person. He said the case against Jefferson looked fairly strong. In the meantime, he said the family will always be grateful for the work law enforcement personnel put into the case.