Army's top general visits Ft. Leonard Wood

Tuesday, the Army's Chief of Staff toured storm ravaged Fort Leonard Wood.

G eneral George Casey came to Missouri to meet with military families who lost their homes to the new years eve tornado.

S tacy Chambers lost everything, she said, "I did, I lost my home, everything...."

C hambers is just one of the hundreds of victims tyring to get their lives back together after Friday's devastating twister. Some homes were left untouched by the twister, while others were demolished. Officials say there were around 50 homes destroyed and another 20 to 30 left unlivable.

C ars were picked up and tossed around like toys, victims belongings littered the yards, and recent Christmas presents will now have to be replaced.

G eneral Casey toured the area, he said, "I talked to a family that went to a closet, got in the closet, husband wife, child, dog, and that closet was about the only thing in that house left standing."

T he U.S.O is helping families recover. They have everything from food and clothing to televisions and household goods.

C hambers said this about the U.S.O, They're amazing, they're actually telling me what I need because my mind is so far from anything.

K elly Brownfield is an Operations Coordinator with the U.S.O, she said, "All of this stuff in here is for the families displaced by the tornado, not just those homes that were completely destroyed but its also open to those families who might have lost electricity and maybe lost all their food."

J oe Pongratz is just one of the many U.S.O volunteers, he came to help all the way from northern Wisconsin, "It was in the news about the tornados down here, and something immediately popped up in my brain and it was a message that said 'Joe we're going to Missouri to help those people".

G eneral Casey says the biggest part of the effort will be adjusting claims. He said he hopes to have the assessment and final bill within about 45 days.

A ll of the families we talked to said they've been well taken care of and some have even been given new base housing.