Armed robbery in condemned house leads to eight arrests

Phillip Dawson,22, charged with possession of a controlled substance

An alleged armed robbery Wednesday in Jefferson City led to the arrests of eight people.

Jefferson City Police said they got a report of a robbery in the 1200-block of East Capitol Avenue Wednesday.

The three alleged victims told police they went to a home on East Capitol Avenue at about 8 a.m. to get $20 that was owed to them.

They told police when they got to the home, four people robbed them at gunpoint.

Two of the three victims fled the scene. One of the suspects held a gun to the third victim's head while the other suspects emptied the victim's pockets.

The third victim then fled the scene as well.

Detectives determined the identities of the suspects and the investigation revealed that methamphetamine was being used and sold from the Capitol Avenue home.

Thursday evening at about 5:30 p.m. the JCPD SWAT team served a search warrant of the home.

Ten people were taken into custody, including three of the four suspected robbers. A total of eight of the 10 were charged with various crimes.

While authorities were searching the residence, the fourth robbery suspect drove by and was stopped by officers in the area and arrested.

In addition to those arrested, a one-year-old girl was put into protective custoday and a 16-year-old girl was detained and taken to the Prenger Family Center.

The one-year-old is the daughter of 40-year-old Julie West, who was arrested for endangering the welfare of a child. The baby is currently in foster care.

Authorities requested that the City of Jefferson Community Development Department inspect the home because of the poor living conditions they found there.

After the inspection the house was condemned.

Those arrested are:

Tyler Clement, 18, first-degree robbery and armed criminal action

Andrew Rotter, 23, first-degree robbery, armed criminal action, possession of a controlled substance

Damien Rotter, 17, first-degree robbery, armed criminal action, possession of a controlled substance

Kenna Johnson, 18, first-degree robbery

Samantha Brown, 24, unlawful use of a weapon and possession of a controlled substance

Phillip Dawson,22, possession of a controlled substance

Julie West, 40, endangering the welfare of a child

Michael Kitson, 27, driving while revoked

Three other people were questioned at the Police Department and released with no charges.