Are hoodies threatening?

Do you think a hoodie is threatening?

Florida teenager Treyvon Martin was wearing a hoodie when he was gunned down.

KRCG's Daniel Winn asked people if what you wear gets you judged on the street.


evon Pridgeon told us,"I always wear a hoodie when I go work out".

Pridgeon is a Lincoln University student, and a big fan of hoodies.

She likes to wear them even when it's hot, she says the hoodie helps her sweat.

We asked her what scares people about hoodies,â??Actually a hoodie shouldn't make a person scaredâ??, she said.

But not everybody feels that way about hoodies, after all you never know who might be under one.

We talked to one woman who says it's a 'dog eat dog world' and you just can't be too careful.

Patricia Hayes said, "They just don't look right, they're kind of spooky....You can't see their faces and you don't know what they might have on themâ??.

Pat Brown a criminal profiler out of Washington D.C said hoodies just happen to be the criminals popular clothing of choice, "Unfortunately it's an outfit that some kids like to imitate, and it's just kind of a comfortable outfit too, so we mix all of those things together and the problem we end up with, is what do we view somebody in a hoodie as".

Nik McCurren said, "It's just a sweatshirt with a hood, it keeps your head dry and warm".

Deonta Johnson told us, "Its just what we wear, the only reason they getting scared is because they think something is going to happen because they black".

Brown said the bottom line is, we all profile on a daily basis, we take a look at somebody and judge them as safe or unsafe. She said it's just human nature.