Are children in America being overscheduled by their parents?

Are children in America being overscheduled by their parents?

Some psychologists said yes.

They think children are so busy with organized activities; they don't have any free time to just play and relax.

"Children today are engaged in a lot of enrichment activities. You know, extra-curricular activities, sports activities. We think that's great, Doctor Kenneth Ginsburg said. We just want a balance."

A counselor from Grace Counseling Center told KRCG that many of her clients have this same problem.

"I think there are a large number of children being overscheduled. There TMs a lot of hyper-sense people saying let's get our children involved in this and let's compete with other families, Grace Counseling Center TMs Kendall Grayson said.

Grayson thinks it is very important for children to have a balance schedule of organized activities and free time because if they don TMt it could cause depression."

"I believe it will affect them now and it will also affect them in the future. Some of the things we see are irritability, fatigue, and resistance to activities, where they don't want to do activities at all, Grayson said. We also see headaches, stomach-aches, stress, anxiety, depression, and also failing grades in school."

Doctor Ginsburg agreed with Grayson and said children need free time so they can reboot and grow from life's lessons.

"We have to understand that play or even in school recess, allow kids to reboot. As they reboot, they're going to absorb all of life's lessons more effectively, Ginsburg said.

The parents I spoke with Monday all agreed that over scheduling children is a big problem.

"I think they're definitely kids that are put into too many activities to where they can loose focus or they become overwhelmed, Cole County Resident Dott Windisch said.

Windisch said she has her own way of making sure this doesn't happen to her kids.

"What I TMve done with my three is just put them in one or two activities and let them try it. If they find something they love or excel in go ahead let them choose it again the following year, Windisch said.

Tell us what you think. Do you think children can be overscheduled?