ARC remains popular for indoor fun

The ARC opened in 2002.

One of Columbia's more popular indoor spots is the city's Activity and Recreation Center, most commonly known as the ARC.

The facility is a popular health club, fitness center, and place to exercise and just have fun.

The ARC opened in 2002.

The 73,000 square foot facility has an indoor leisure pool, gymnasium, strength training equipment and weights, cardio equipment, indoor track, group exercise classes, and much more.

Columbia voters approved a sales tax worth $11 million to build this indoor facility.

Columbia Parks and Recreation officials said users are getting their money's worth.

ARC Director Erika Coffman said, "We continue to be very successful. We still have an average daily attendance from 900 people all the way to our busiest days of almost 2,000 people coming through the doors."

ARC administrators said attendance at their facility continues to grow as Columbia's population continues to increase.